Hey Man Nice Shot

I feel the need to share with you the awesome shot I made at curling last night. In order to avoid the appearance of boastfulness, I'll inform you that this is the only good shot I made all night.

So we were behind 4-0 in the last end of the match (an end is like a baseball inning). I had the last shot (the "hammer"), and here's what the situation was (my team has the green rocks):

As you can see, we currently have the two rocks closest to the center, so we would have two points if things ended here. But we needed four points to tie things up. I reasoned that the only way we could get four points would be to take out that black rock on the left side. That would give us four rocks closer to the center than the nearest black rock.

It's not an easy shot, though, as you see. That black rock in front of the house (the target area) is in the way. But I thought maybe I could squeeze a shot past it, roughly along the trajectory of the black line:

Amazingly enough, it worked. The black rock was hit, and knocked out, and we got four points. The black rock on the left was slightly closer than the green rock on the lower right side of the image. We could have used that extra point, too, because we lost the subsequent shootout, and thus the game. Oh well.


  1. Craig never jests about curling. It is a very serious game.