Camping, and Cooking, and Cleaning - Oh, my!

So we moved. You may be thinking that they would explain why I haven't posted a lot lately. But no, while I have been busy, I have not been doing the things I should have been doing, like packing or cleaning. What do the BRC decide to do two days before they are moving? Go camping, of course!

You see, our church had a camping trip and I love camping, and I love church so how could we turn that down. We headed out to the site around 1:30 on Saturday and spent a couple hours just sitting and talking fellowshipping with others in our congregation. I had a great time. There were only 5-6 couples there and most of them were older but I had fun. I talked with women about quilting and embroidery. We listened to stories about crazy adventures with RVs in Alaska. Then the boys had to go get cookin' because dinner was potluck, but not just any potluck. A men's dutch oven cook-off. Craig made a Blackberry Cobbler and I have to say it was fantastic. I don't want to say too much because Craig didn't actually get to taste any, it was all gone by the time he went to get dessert. While I don't want to rub it in any more that I have too, I obviously wasn't the only one who thought it was good because he won! We are know the proud owners of a turkey-roaster-thing. I was really impressed by all the dishes though. I never knew you could do so much with a dutch oven and a couple cans of beans. We had beans and sausage, beans and beer and brats, bean chili cheese fries. Only 1 of the main dishes didn't have beans. But they were all very tasty...and full of fiber.

Now, up until this time, the weather was nice and cool and cloudy. But about 6:45 it decided to take a turn for the worse, just in time for the church service. We ended up huddled under the trees speed singing the hymns (and skipping some of the liturgy altogether) but I'm pretty sure God understands. After the service, half the people went home and the other half, the stupid half decided to stick it out.

Luckily our tent is pretty sturdy (yay for wedding presents!) and we didn't get wet at all. I also didn't really sleep at all. The lightning and thunder was loud and bright and just when you got to the point were you were about to be peacefully slumbering, BOOM, there you were, wide awake again.

So Sunday we get back pretty early and unpack and take naps, of course. So did we start preparing to go then? No, well, we packed a few boxes and I thought about what things were going to go where but all from the comfort of my couch of course.

Monday evening - you might be thinking, less than 24 hours till moving time, they must be getting ready now. No, you see, It was my first day of the women's bible study. I had wanted to do it for a while but didn't want to jump in the middle of a study but they just started a new series and I couldn't miss the first week! And Craig had to go fly fishing; he heard all those good tips over the weekend! (Are you getting the desperation through my use of the exclamation point?!)

But when Craig got home at 5:45 on Tuesday night, most things were in boxes, the oven was clean, the tub was clean, and the fridge was clean. We pulled it off. Then we spent the next couple hours loading, unloading, cleaning - pretty much completely draining me of all energy. Right now, all I want to do is take a nap. But that's okay, I don't have to do that again for 3.5 whole months. (I don't even want to think about it - by then it will be snowing, Ahh!)

CRAIG ADDS: Here's the cobbler recipe. It was my first outdoor Dutch oven experience, and I guess it went pretty well, from what I heard. Again, I didn't get any cobbler.

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  1. But obviously, you're not bitter about it at all.