Stay tuned

I read this blog, and my favorite part is Works For Me Wednesdays (WFMW). On Wednesday, she shares some tip with her readers. It can be about anything, parenting, cleaning, cooking, saving money...just something that works for her. But wait, it gets better. Then she has a program where other people can do the same and all the links are on her post. Every Wednesday, I go there are read all the neat little tips (well, not ALL, sometimes there are a lot!) and it makes me want to post a tip. But I can NEVER think of one on Wednesday. NEVER! Every week, I rack my brain to think of something useful to share but every week, nada. Until Saturday, when I had a glorious epiphany. So stay tuned till tomorrow, when you can read my very own WFMW tip! (I will warn you though, it isn't mind blowing, but that isn't the point of the WFMW tips, they are just little useful tidbits of help. So come back and read it, just don't be disappointed.)

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  1. if it was a monday, you'd have a valid excuse for not coming up with a tip.

    but on a wednesday? come on! you can do it!! ;)