Advent - aka the season of impatience.

I have been in the holiday spirit for a while now but I'm so torn because I think that people that start getting ready for Christmas too early are annoying. Do not put up your Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving people, I thought that was obvious, but there are already trees up, decorated and lighting peoples' living rooms. It's just wrong. That said, Michaels was having a big sale so Craig and I went and bought supplies to make our own advent wreath today. It was pretty simple, all we needed was a Styrofoam ring, an evergreen garland, some little red berries, and candles. (Thanks to my friend K. for the great idea!) I swear, I was just going to buy the supplies while they were on sale.

But then, when I got home, I had to put it together to see how it looked. Plus, you start using your advent wreath on December 1st and that is right when we are moving so I had to do it before then. And...well, those are the only excuses I can think of. Oh wait, I can still blame our consumer driven society for planting the idea of Christmas back in October. Yes, it is all "their" fault, whoever "they" may be.

So here it is, the advent wreath, a symbol of the Christmas season and our household's hope in Jesus, the true light of the world...and a symbol of my inability to be patient and wait for the real holiday season to begin. But at least it is a cute symbol :-)



    Ok, it is cute. The entire not putting up decorations until December 1... and then doing so before just made me smile.

    I actually wait to put up our decorations. Until December 1st usually. Who knows when I'll get around to it this year.

  2. I like to decorate on the first cold day after Halloween. Of course, my living situation here prevents me from decorating much at all, but next year when I have my own house, I may go a little bit crazy!!

  3. hey! you scooped me...i've already written a post about this...but it won't be published till later this week.

    my mom used to make us wait until after my sis's bday on dec. 11 to put the tree...