Give Me a Break

One of the things I agree with the Europeans on, other than that Nicolas Sarkozy is awesome, is that people need more vacation time. You often hear that US Americans have less vacation days than other countries, and that many don't even use the days they do have. You won't find me leaving vacation days on the table, that's for sure.

I have ten days per year (until I reach five years of employment; then I get 15), and that doesn't cut it. Especially since I used nine of those days by the beginning of April this year on my wedding and honeymoon. That leaves me with one day to use over the holidays. I just know I'm going to be in the office by myself on December 24. It will be depressing.

This is made worse by the fact that MacKenzie gets 22 vacation days. Isn't that ridiculous? I'm pretty sure she's secretly planning to take a trip without me one of these days, since I don't have enough vacation days to accompany her. Send me a postcard, dear.


  1. Lucky girl! How unfair she gets more days than you do.

    Anyways, lunch was fun. I enjoy chatting with you two.

  2. can't you fudge on your PTO at all? kinda like i do?

  3. She just doesn't know how to tell you that Bridge and Jess and I are forcing MacKenzie to go to BlogHer 2008 in San Fransico with us. :)