Excessive Dog Search

UPDATE: Pictures should work now. That's what I get for posting while away.

Texas A&M, one of my alma maters (almas mater?) has a live dog mascot. I'm not a fan of live mascots; I think they're boring. I mean, what's more exciting and entertaining,


Clearly the latter. Anyway, A&M is looking for a new dog, and they're serious about it, according to an e-mail I received from the school:
Reveille VII, the current keeper of Texas A&M’s decades old mascot tradition, will formally retire later this month at the conclusion of the spring semester. As many of you know, shortly after her retirement plans were announced, a 16-person study committee was formed with the support of President Elsa A. Murano to make recommendations on the type of dog that might best serve as the university’s new mascot. Those invited to participate in the committee included students, faculty, staff, former students and representatives of the Corps of Cadets, Athletics and the Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs. The committee also included a Texas A&M veterinarian who is a nationally known animal behavior expert.
Quite the committee there, huh? Here are the qualifications they came up with:
1. Medium to large size
2. Healthy
3. Outgoing personality (upbeat)
4. Likes people and is at ease in crowds
5. Not afraid of noise
6. Not highly reactive
7. Positively motivated
Also, they decided the mascot shouldn't be a puppy. I really feel like I could have come up with this list on my own, without the need for a committee. And I don't really know much about dogs. But that's how universities work, I guess. They're big on bureaucracy and committees.

Now we move on to the next step in the search:
As we move forward in our effort to select a new mascot, we will immediately begin an extensive nationwide effort to identify and evaluate potential canine mascots.
The e-mail didn't say how they'll do this, but I smell a reality TV show. Reveille Idol? Who Wants to Be Reveille? A&M's Next Top Reveille? This show could air on Animal Planet, or maybe the USA network, after the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. If you have a dog that you think could fill this role, let A&M know (they prefer collies and golden retrievers).


  1. I thought the same thing about the reality tv show when I heard. I just picture all these dog shower people (Im not sure what people who show dogs are called) prepping their dogs for the "chance of a lifetime." Kind of like pageant moms.
    Im surprised this "committee" is seriously considering changing breeds, she's been a collie since after the first one. Since when did A&M change anything? Excpet for the price of football tickets...I think that they should add on that list "isn't inbread and is mentally stable"

  2. First comment: The "Texas A&M veterinarian who is a nationally known animal behavior expert" is a tad on the crazy side.

    Second comment: Rev's problem isn't that she is inbread and mentally unstable. Well, she is mentally unstable but not b/c of her genetics but b/c she was raised and lives in a dorm full of corps boys.