Where I Spent Yesterday

In this:
A co-worker and I flew around looking for bird nests and owl burrows. It was pretty fun; it sure beat sitting in the office. Normally, I'm not a fan of heights, and so you'd think looking out the window of a helicopter at the ground several hundred feet below would bother me, but it didn't. I think that's because it was so interesting to look at features on the ground from a bird's-eye view that I didn't think about being freaked out. I'm also proud to note that, unlike my co-worker, I made it through the day without throwing up. Thanks to the pilot's ability to make fast landings, his machine was (mostly) spared from the contents of the co-worker's stomach.


  1. Where were you flying at? I'd love to do that, though I may be a puker.

  2. This took place down in west central Utah, out in the desert.