Something you should know

Almost every weekday I am in my car, driving to work, between 7:50-8:05, depending on whether I take Craig to the bus stop or not. Everyday, a few minutes to 8, the local radio station that I listen to plays a segment called "Something you should know." That means I get to listen to it almost every day. But here is the catch, it is almost never something I feel I should know.

A few weeks ago it was about hand washing and told me that as many as 50% of men and 25% of women don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Eww, gross...how is that knowledge helpful to me at all. If I am part of the 75% of women who do wash their hands (and I am) then all I can do know is avoid people and anything they have ever touched...not very practical. And if I one of those people that don't wash their hands then obviously I don't care much about personal hygiene anyway.

It's like that every day, one minute's worth of random pieces of information that really aren't very helpful. So today when they announced that there was no "Something you should know" I was overjoyed and I will admit it, I did a little happy dance in my seat. And well, I figured that was something you should know.


  1. Yup. I could have totally lived without that bit of info. As far as that goes I would happy live with my head buried in the sand and JUST NOT THINK ABOUT IT.

    (It reminds me of the Mythbusters segment of toothbrushes in bathrooms. GAG)

  2. Yeah, there is a similar thing on one of the stations here, but they have a contest for whoever calls in first with the correct answer wins breakfast or something. Though it'd be nice to win something, I don't really care to guess what 30% of people can't do. Knowing the percentage of Americans who can't ride a bike has never helped in my life.

    I saw that Mythbusters, and I think about that every time I flush now.

  3. I found that Mythbusters almost soothing, because since you get those germs everywhere, there's no reason to be particularly wary in the bathroom.

    Although, clearly, 100% of people ought to be washing their hands.

  4. We have a similar radio segment, well, except ours is great. Cindy Sullivan of Louisville really does have the best information on just about everything. The format is question/answer. I love those five minutes!

  5. I am apparently the only one who has never seen that episode of mythbusters, but I bet Craig is glad of that. Keeping the toothbrushes as far away from the toilet as possible is one of his "things". Actually he really wants to keep them in a drawer so they are completely protected but then they pick up drawers germs and I don't like it so we compromised.