I need your help...again!

Craig left me today to fly off to MN to usher at a wedding. If he were here, he would make me change that to "ush" because farmers farm and bakers bake so obviously, ushers ush. However, he is not here so I can tell everyone how silly and wrong he is. But that isn't the point of this post.

The point is until Monday night, I am alone. Well, Zeeba is here to keep me company so I'm not completely alone but it isn't the same. I don't really like it when Craig is gone but I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done so the time should go by fast. One of those things is to work on Craig's quilt. I like to quilt I just can't ever find the time to work on it. But when I do, I like to watch tv. It's busy work and without something else to keep my mind busy, I get bored.

Since you guys did such a great job recommending books, I figured you could help me out again. And you did do a good job, too good in fact, many of your recommendations were already checked out at the library but I am being patient and the ones I did find, I enjoyed, so thanks. But this time I am looking for a movie. And while I like all types of movies, for this weekend I really want a chick flick. Something that I can feel totally guilt free while watching since I am not subjecting my poor husband to it and all it's girlishness. Help a girl out...please!


  1. One of my favorite chick flicks is "Return to me" with Minnie Driver and David Dechovney.

    It has a great supporting cast: Carrol O'Conner (Who is SOOOO cute and sweet in the film), Jim Belushi, Bonnie Hunt (Who wrote and directed.)

    I LOVE IT. It's sweet, clean and just a funny, fuzzy movie.

  2. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely Enchanted.

    My other two go-to chick flicks are Down with Love (Ewan McGregor = The Cuteness) and Fools Rush In (with Chandl--I mean, Matthew Perry.)

  3. 'In her shoes' is a really good movie. It doesn't seem like it would be in the beginning, but it has a redeeming ending. What is Craigs quilt? (by that I mean, are you making it out of special fabric, or making an image out of the shapes?)

  4. Loralee - I Luuvve Return to Me, but I haven't seen it in a while and I need to. I wish there were more movies like that, sweet and clean.

    Rachel - I haven't seen Enchangted and Craig would definitely NOT want to watch that. I watched Down with Me on a plane ride and it was good but confusing. But then again, most movies aren't good on plane, it is too loud to pay attention.

    Amanda - I haven't even heard on "in her shoes" but if I watch it, I will be sure to give it a chance. And Craig's quilt it made of his old A&M and U of M (UMN?, U of MN?, how does one abbreviate the University of Minnesota?) t-shirts.

  5. or music and lyrics. Hugh Grant is generally a good option. In her shoes...isn't so clean fyi.

  6. jess likes "the notebook." she adores it, actually.

    and these are old school, but i also love thelma and louise (hard core old school chick flick) and the bridges of madison county. i don't know ANY men that like THAT movie.

    have you see all of those?

  7. For full scale chick flick (aka period romance very slow moving) you can't beat the Merchant Ivory A Room With A View. It is very clean (except for one male nudity scene, which I always fast forward).

    Or any Austen adaptation, but you probably already considered those.

    My most recent chick flick movie (watched while my husband was gone)was Just Like Heaven with Reece Witherspoon. It's cute. Not groundbreaking but still, cute.