The Showdown

So I showed you the scrapbook-y pictures of our trip to Arches, but I also took some more "artistic" pictures, what I like to call the pretty ones. Not because I think they are really great, but when I know I am going to post them, I make sure I spend some time playing around on photoshop with them right away and not just leave them there for months before doing anything to them.

I have a dilemma though, I don't know if I prefer color or black and white. For a few pictures it was obvious, like I had to leave these in color
and this one looks so much better in b&wbut for the rest I was torn. The colors at Arches are so pretty and rich, the orange-red of the rock, the bright blue of the sky, the white of my skin...oh, wait I'm not in these. But the shapes at Arches are great too, and the black and white pictures really showcase the rocks cool geometry. Plus, I love Ansel Adams so I think I am drawn to the b&w even if they aren't as good. Since I just can't decide so be forewarned, there will be some repeats. Feel free to give your opinion on the B&W vs Color showdown.

Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:
Picture 4:
At this point, I was tired of choosing between the true and tried to split the difference, I'm not sure how I feel about it.


  1. Your photos are beautiful MacKenzie! It is hard to choose between black and white or color! Especially when your pictures have such vivid colors in them, but they also have amazing forms and shapes that b&w photos bring out so much better! Sometimes, for me, it has come down to the frame that im putting it in that makes the final decision.

  2. Looks like you've made good case by case choices. Trust your judgment!