Fun on Frontier

I have been frequenting Frontier Airlines recently, because they often have low prices, and also because I acquired a bunch of frequent flier miles from them. One of the perks they offer is DirecTV at every seat. For only $5 or so, you can watch 24 channels during your flight. They let you preview this feature for free prior to takeoff. In the past, the preview would be underway when I boarded the plane, and would last until 10-15 minutes after takeoff, giving me 30 or so minutes of free viewing. However, this past weekend this window had been highly compressed. The preview didn't start until everyone was seated, and ended almost as soon as we were in the air. This doesn't really affect my buying decision in any way (I have only purchased this feature once, when I was flying during a Minnesota Vikings Monday Night Football game), but it's just something I noticed.

If you decide not to pay for DirecTV, you can still watch the LiveMap feature, which tracks your plane's progress. However, the little plane icon is very oversized:

If this image were correct, I could almost travel from Denver to Salt Lake City merely by walking from one end of the plane to the other. That would make the trip quite convenient, for sure. I think this feature would be much more interesting if the plane icon were a bit smaller.

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