Oh happy day!

A few months ago, I lost my thermometer. To most people, that would not be a big deal but (sorry if this is tmi) I use it every day for NFP*, so losing it bordered on tragic.

Craig and I searched everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I'm not talking about Craig's version of "everywhere" when he is looking in the fridge and can't find something anywhere but as soon as I get up and walk over there, it magically appears. This used to happen to my mother when I was younger so finding things must be a magical skill that appears when a girl becomes a women but even with my magic skills, we couldn't find this thermometer. I even wondered if maybe Zeeba had dragged it away and hidden it somewhere where only cats can fit. I know it sounds improbable but seriously, it was gone.

I scoured the entire apartment then gave up and and got a new one. It was not good and after a week of getting wacko results, I had to give up on it. Then I bought a new one from the same company as the old one. It was exactly the same except this one was white and the old one was purple. But apparently in the world of thermometers, color is important, because this one wasn't so good either. In fact, almost every day my temperature was off the chart. Now, it is really hard to chart something when it is off the chart! But since it was at least consistent, I had been using it. It stressed me out a bit, but I was trying to accept the fact that the old thermometer was gone and move on with my life.

But then, a few days ago, I found my beloved thermometer! It was stuck in between the mattress and the box spring and must have come loose when we changed the sheets. It's so great to have it back, all purple and useful. Everything is right with the world again. Oh happy happy day.

*No, we aren't Catholic but NFP doesn't stand for "Not For Protestants." Oh, don't ya just love a good clean birth control joke? They never fail to get a laugh, even if it is only a sympathy laugh.

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  1. unless the loss of your thermometer is Gods way of saying "Its time to make a little redheaded limesand or two." That would however also mean that in a year, it'd be my turn since I like to copy you a year after you've done it...and Im not sure I'm ready for that ;)