Great Graduation Speaker

The tiny town of Greensburg, Kansas, ravaged by a tornado a year ago, welcomed President Bush as the speaker at their high school graduation yesterday. That would be pretty neat. Having the President at your college graduation would be awesome enough, but having him at your high school commencement would be even better. Especially if your high school is tiny; the graduating class at Greensburg was 18. My graduating class back in ND was about 28 students. Our speaker was not that exciting, though - she was the president of a nearby university. Of course, we weren't hit by a tornado or anything.

Did you have any good graduation speakers? If Eric is reading this, I hope he shares with us the story of how he got the shaft, speaker-wise, at his college graduation.


  1. I had the mayor of austin...he spent the whole time telling us we should get jobs in the government. Since he's a former student and was an Environmental Design major, he seemed to think he was inspiring us. I don't think a roomfull of engineering majors, nor the ENDS majors really cared though. I think you have to be a business major to get anything cool here. They had former president Bush speak at their commencement a couple of years ago.

  2. when i graduated from college (usu) the speaker was merlin olsen.