24, Season 7: 6-8 PM

We had two hours of 24 last night, and things are getting tense. The evening culminated in a rather improbable surreptitious invasion of the White House by a suddenly competent African army. Although the President made it safely into the lockdown room, she ordered Jack Bauer to open the door when the bad guys captured and threatened her daughter. Jack should have given her that sleeperhold move to knock her out and keep her safe in the room, but he's always one to obey the President.

Towards the beginning of the show, the evil colonel, Dubaku, was in the hospital. I'm not sure what usefulness he retains for the government, but he was supposed to be under guard. But he was out what looked like the main hallway of the hospital, and his guards weren't too attentive, so he was killed by an "orderly" with some sort of lethal injection. I think the "orderly" is the same guy who was also working as a White House custodian later on. Wow, even bad guys need two jobs in this economy.

After Jack's torture session with the chief of staff of that Senator was interrupted, the President threatened him with a treason charge. Rather than simply defying her, the CoS should have said, "Do you have two witnesses? I don't think so." After all, that's what the Constitution requires for a treason conviction (barring a confession). Many people don't realize that.

As for the Vice President that we just met, is he merely weak, as evidenced by his failure to order a White House rescue mission, or is he a bad guy? I say weak.


  1. I saw the last 45 seconds of the second episode--my main observation is: no way that African guy slapped the President hard enough to draw blood. It was, literally, weak smack.

  2. The Prez did something really bizarre with her hair after getting slapped. She let it completely cover her face, then whipped it all back and made a face like the dramatic chipmunk.