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As of last night, our internet was still not back although this time when Craig called he talked to a real person who said today was the day. We shall see. But it doesn't matter since I'm back at work, where I can use the internet all I want, except that I am supposed to actually work when I am here so you get what I can come up with during lunch...so excuse the lack of editing.

I feel like after such a long break I should have lots to say, but I don't. I will just put up my new verse and talk about it. I picked this verse yesterday after a really really bad day. Well, I actually didn't pick it, it fell on me. I was getting ready to take a bath in the middle of the afternoon (see what kind of bad day it was, I needed a hot calming bath at 2 in the afternoon!) and I knocked my little deck of bible verse cards over. They are an old pack from my freshman year when my bathroom was bright pink - I remember this because the cards are bright pink and don't match our new bathroom stuff at all, but I keep them around next to my makeup stuff. They are all pretty familiar, but I don't have them memorized. Anyway, when I picked up the deck, I saw this verse.

My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

It really fit perfectly with what I am going through. The yucky stuff that caused my day to be bad was well, yucky, but the worst part was I hated my attitude. The last few verses I have memorized are all about trusting God's timing, not worrying about things, etc and I love having them in my head so I can know those truths. But it doesn't always feel like I believe them or why would I get so upset when things don't work out my way? I was so mad at myself for being mad at my circumstances. I wanted to be able to rejoice in all things but I didn't get what I wanted and I didn't feel like rejoicing.

After reading that verse, I felt a lot better. Maybe at this point in time, it's enough that I want to be rejoicing even if I just can't seem to make myself.

I kept flipping and the next few verses were all really applicable to my situation too, and I was feeling much better, it seemed like God was speaking just to me. Then I hit Matthew 10:42. That is also a good verse, but not really related to my problem at all. But it made me laugh and at that point, I needed that.

Oh, I forgot to mention this Saturday, but thanks to everyone who participated in the "Inquiring Minds what to know" questionnaire. I for one feel much better about my cleaning habits. It seems like everyone has somethings they kinda let slide and others that they are particular about since nobody I know has ever died from lack of a clean fridge, I guess it is all good.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great verse, MacKenzie. It is perfect for right now.

    Be well.