Make Something Monday: Camera Strap Cover

I love my DSLR (it's a Nikon D40). I hate its camera strap. The camera is not that heavy but if I wear it around my neck for even 15 minutes, my neck hurts from the strap rubbing and digging into my neck. I normally end up pushing it down around my shoulders which looks really silly or I wrap the strap around my wrist and hope I don't trip and drop it. And considering how clumsy I am, that is pretty risky.

But I was roaming around the internet one day a couple months ago and found this tutorial for a camera strap slipcover. Then I forgot about it. But after I finished the lampshades and had extra fabric I got thinking about it again. Luckily I could re-find it because in the past I have found something only to have it disappear completely no matter how hard I searched.

I thought about using a fleece interface for cushioning as some of the comments suggested but then decided to get some minky fabric for the inside instead. If I do this again, I think I would still use a lining as the minky was stretchy although I just pinned it an almost excessive amount so it worked.

Here it is:
And here's an "action shot." The minky goes up against my neck and is so soft.

It was so easy* and inexpensive. Minky is kinda expensive but I only got 1/4 yard (and could have only gotten away with 1/8 yard but I always overestimate yardage; better have too much than be short an inch) and I used the 40% off coupon that is almost always available on the Hobby Lobby website so it only cost $2.25. Everything else I already had. That is so much better than the $25 that I have seen on etsy.

*Although now that I looked at my picture and the tutorial, I realized I forgot to topstitch it. Oops, I guess I'll have to drag my sewing machine out one more time this week. It's still really easy though.

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  1. Looks cute! I've been eyeing up strap covers on Etsy for MY new D40, but can't justify the expense, especially when I have a ton of fabric upstairs. I'm going to make my own, winging it, but thanks for that tutorial link... maybe it will save me some mistakes!