Cancer Conference Comedy

No pictures today. I had to leave home at 5:45 this morning (yesterday to y'all) to got to a cancer conference in Houston and didn't get home till late so I'm going to make this quick. I just wanted to share a few thoughts I had on my way to and at the conference.

This first anecdote will make more sense if you know that 1) My boss is from Argentina and 2) Both my boss and the co-worker in the car with us are originally vets who are now involved in research.

So we were riding down to Houston and the topic came to the animal science industries and then onto Argentinian beef. I really had nothing to add to the conversation but even if I had, I wouldn't have been able to say it because the entire time they talked about beef (maybe 5-10 min) I had to force myself not to laugh. All I could think of was the movie quote: "Argentina has good beef. Beef and Nazis." Which considering point #1, probably would have been a bad line to quote.

*Bonus - name that movie. It's pretty easy but then again, I have seen that movie a bazillion times.

Another thought I had was that women scientists are so frumpy. There is definitely a reason for that stereotype. Some of the younger ones aren't so very bad, but in general, there is an appalling lack of not just fashion, but basic grooming skills. I really only takes 30 seconds to brush your hair - are you really that busy curing cancer you can't brush your hair? Although to be honest, when I see a really attractive and fashionable scientist, I instinctively think she isn't as smart as the really frumpy ones. I know that is horrible and not true but I also know that is what I really think so others must too. But there has to be a happy medium.

Last story - we had a speaker at our luncheon who was talking about advances in diagnostics. It was a little weird because he was an economist and not really a scientist but I guess he is involved with grants and such so he is a big shot in the science world. Anyway, he told all the guys that they should be especially grateful for advances in prostrate diagnostics because 15 years ago there was only 1 method of detection. As he says this he holds up a finger, as if to emphasize "one!" He then says - "and this is it." All the guys gave a sorta uncomfortable laugh, like when they watch the sports injury montages on America's Funniest Home Videos. I did not laugh. I mean, I enjoy a good proctology joke as much as the next gal but not when I am trying to eat lunch. But this guy obviously though he had come up with the best joke ever. That part was really amusing. Also amusing, realizing that a bunch of old guys in suits are being all fancy and formal while standing around talking about feces and urine. But only if you are 12 and I am not so of course, I didn't think that was amusing at all.


  1. while you were sleeping!! :D

  2. Your point about the proctology joke being inappropriate during lunch is valid, but you've got to admit, for an economist? That's a pretty good joke. He probably can't resist telling it every time he speaks somewhere.

  3. Amanda - yep

    Rachel - I am pretty sure that the other big shots have probably heard him tell that joke a time or two. But it was pretty clever.

  4. You know I knew it was While You Were Sleeping!!