Spring Break - Days 1 and 2

We got to Florida and spent the afternoon with Amanda and Brandon, catching up with them and walking around downtown Pensacola. We finished the evening with a rousing round of Scattergories before retiring early so we would be well rested for the our first full day of fun.

The next day, Brandon had work stuff to do but Amanda was free so she showed us the National Naval Aviation museum. It was pretty cool, lots of history for Craig, lots of visual stuff and photo ops for me like these of Craig with a nuclear bomb (a replica, he says over my shoulder), Craig playing with a toy ship in the kids area (I told you he wasn't that different from a 2-year-old), and all of us trying out the planes.
(There must be something about sitting in a plane that makes you want to have a big goofy smile because both Amanda and I have that going on :-)
And here is Craig taking a military shower. He really liked the official shower rules and is planning on enforcing them when we have kids of showering age. You think I jest but he is serious.

After that, we headed off to the beach.
Amanda guided us to the "mama beach" so we wouldn't have to put up with all the silly students and their shenanigans :-) It was much calmer than I was anticipating and was perfect for kite flying, shell searching, and general beach relaxing.

(Oh, just so you know, I got lazy and stopped editing. Yep, those last 5 pictures are all SOOC. The sky really was that gorgeous.)

We finished our day of fun by camping at a state park. Brandon was off by then and met up with us and we explored the park. Then we tried to make a fire, tried again with the fire, then one more time before success and a much-anticipated dinner of hot dogs, strawberries and chips and salsa. What is it about camping that makes such a boring simple dinner taste so delicious?


  1. oh wow, I look a little stoned in that plane, perhaps you should have been the front pilot...what you forgot to mention is Craig's Dora the Explorer kite mastery led to a single mother hitting on him to get some help. (although later we found out that yes, she actually was having alot of trouble with her kite...who knew)

  2. Yeah, blogger was giving me a hard time with the pictures so I was getting frustrated, but now I realize I left out the part about the hurricane too! I don't think anyone would believe me if I said expert weather reporter Craig predicted a hurricane - the sky was just too cloudless.

  3. The picture of the two of you on the beach . . . how young, hip and cool can you be while still flying a kite, LOL!!