Does That Really Happen?

We are hearing today that AIG employees are supposedly getting death threats amid all the public outrage over bonuses:
The controversy engulfing bailed-out American International Group threatened to turn nasty amid reports of death threats against AIG workers, as US networks and newspapers were inundated with expressions of rage from the public.
We also learned a month ago that Octomom's PR firm dropped her because they were getting death threats. My question is, does this really happen? Are there a large number of people out there that decide to anonymously call people and threaten to kill them? I've never done it. Have you? I would think this would be even more rare in this era of Caller ID. I would guess a lot of people don't know about *67, especially people who might make death threats. The AIG article above said people were e-mailed death threats, which would be even harder to do anonymously, as far as I know.

It's possible that one or two death threats is enough to make news, and I'd guess that some people falsely claim they have been threatened in an effort to look courageous. I'm just kind of skeptical when I hear these reports.


  1. I always figure those death threats are made by the same people who post inflammatory comments on YouTube videos and internet messageboards, i.e. idiots. I look at it from the angle of seeing, at the bottom of internet news stories and such, that people can get themselves REALLY worked up over stupid things. If people send death threats (phrased, I'm sure, something like "IM TOTALY GOING TO KILL YOU YOU STUPID *****") to unlikable contestants on The Biggest Loser, I entirely believe they'd do the same thing to some poor schlubs at AIG.

  2. Bob and I were accused of making threats, and the CIA made a visit to our home in Pennsylvania with a "where were you on the night of" line of questioning. Fun times!