Inquiring minds want to know!

I finished my spring winter cleaning last weekend just in time for the bluebonnets to pop out and official announce springtime. But all this cleaning has got me thinking about how frequently I perform certain cleaning related duties. I often get idea of how I should be from the powers that be (i.e. magazine, tv and books) but I rarely do things that often and I am not sure if it is purely because they are ridiculous or because I am being lazy.

Sometimes I know it's ridiculous, like when Oprah says "she" changes her sheets daily (I and am assuming she means "she" loosely) because she loves that crisp feeling of new sheets. Clearly, that is excessive. But when I read in a magazine (Real Simple?) that you can save money by washing your towels after every other use instead of just every use, I gasped. Do people really wash their towels after only one use? If I did that, I would be spending my life washing towels. Are Craig and I living in a disgusting house but just don't know it?

So, with that in mind, how often do you:

1) Wash your sheets?

2) Wash your bathroom towels?

3) Replace your kitchen sponge?

4) Wash your kitchen towels/rags?

5) Replace your toothbrush?

6) Dust?

7) Thoroughly clean the fridge?

Answer as many or as few as you want. To encourage discussion, I will put my answers in the comments as well. And as long as you don't judge me, I won't judge you.


  1. 1) Every other week.

    2) Once a week. When I was growing up it was more frequently because I shared a bathroom with two brothers and was never confident that they knew which towel was supposed to be theirs. But now Craig and I each have our color (mine is gold, his is green) and it all works perfectly.

    3)Uhm...not as often as I should. Okay, my real answer, maybe every month or two. Ahh, that is so bad. I just never think about it.

    4)I try to wash them every day or at least every other day. Craig fights me on it though, he is always saying "that towels if fine" as I start running for the hamper basket.

    5) I am pretty good about replacing "on time" every three months. But we normally get them for free at cvs and that reminds me to do so.

    6) I'm a dust as I go girl. If I am getting a book from the bookshelf and it looks a tad dusty, I grab a rag and dust it. Same for the tv. This only works if you stop and grab a rag when you need to, but I am good about it and everything is probably dusted every other week or so. The downside - the fan hasn't been dusted in forever (seriously, I don't think I have dusted it since we moved in). I used to do it when I changed the lightbulbs but those darn energy saving lightbulbs have ruined that.

    7) At the beginning of the semester, once a week. Now, once a month.

  2. With three boys and a husband, things get done as they get done, but usually:
    1. sheets- about twice a month, depending on the weather.
    2. bath towels - after three or four uses, before they start to smell stale.
    3.kitchen sponge - when it gets gross, about a month.
    4.kitchen towels - right away if they get soaked or are used to mop up something, otherwise after a couple of uses; rags - after 2 uses, unless they are nasty, then right away.
    5.toothbrush - 3-6 months, definitely at 6 when I get a new one from the dentist.
    6.When I notice everything is dusty or someone is coming over! And sort of like you, dust as I go.
    7.Fridge - this gets done in stages, a shelf at a time sometimes, but about every other month.

  3. OK, I was afraid my answers were going to be totally gross to everyone else, so this exercise is making me feel better.

    1) About every other week.

    2) Once I feel like it's a little gross--I think I start using a new shower towel probably every eight or nine days, and I replace the hand towel maybe every six days? But I don't wash them right away, I let the dirty ones pile up and wash them all at once.

    3) Again, once it's gross. But I use different sponges for different tasks--the dishes-only sponge takes a month or two to get unpretty, then it gets demoted to counter sponge, and the counter sponge gets demoted to bathroom sponge, and then the bathroom sponge gets demoted to toilet sponge, which gets immediately thrown away after it cleans the toilet. Was that too much information?

    4) I replace the kitchen towel probably every three or four days. Then I end up washing like eight of them on a laundry day.

    5) I forget to replace my toothbrush. I probably go a year? Oops.

    6)I dust sporadically when I notice dustiness, or all over once every couple of months when I steal the landlady's big duster from the basement. I'd dust more if I ever remembered to buy my own duster.

    7) Cleaning the fridge is, to me, the single most disgusting household chore. I don't think I've done it since I cleaned the fridge at my old apartment when I moved out. I know that's gross; it's just a job that's hard for me to force myself to do.

  4. 1)We have multiple sheet sets, so I probably actually wash sheets once a month, but they're changed every other week
    2)Same applies, we've got extra towels, but not as many so they get washed a couple times a month
    3)I don't use sponges because they gross me out.
    4)Again, I usually use paper towels, which yes is wasteful, but they work better than my towels and are much cleaner.
    5)I try to do it every 4 months but I've gone 6
    5)once a week
    6) uh...you may not want to know (I make sure all the food is fresh, but as far as wiping down and all....um not as often as I probably should)

  5. 1. Every other week or earlier if I need to.
    2. I need to do what you do... get different color towels. Right now I wash them every other day.
    3. I don't use sponges. I use dishrags and they are used for 2 days.
    4. Once a week, but only use them for 2 days.
    5. 3-6 months
    6. Once a week. I am crazy.
    7. About once a month. Again... I am crazy.

  6. 1) Every other week

    2) Ben's every day (come on, he's a teenager! 'nuff said) and mine weekly as I'm a very fastidious showerer.

    3) I don't use a kitchen sponge, they're gross :)

    4) Kitchen towels as needed, dish cloths when I think about it, maybe once a week

    5) Toothbrush, when the edges start to fray it's time for a new one

    6) Every other week Ursula does the dusting downstairs, upstairs in the bedrooms when I can write my name clearly on a nightstand!

    7) Fridge - when I don't remember when we had what is in the little plastic containers it's time to clean

  7. There was a Dilbert strip once that reminds me of your post. Wally and Dilbert are sitting down to lunch and Wally is discussing his view on towel washing. He says that he never ever washes his towels because they only touch him after he showers, in which then he's the cleanest thing in the house. So, his theory was that they get cleaner everyday. Of course you know it wasn't a good idea, when he follows with the question "are towels supposed to bend?"