24, Season 7: 10-11 PM

-In this episode, we meet a Port Authority cop who decided to help some bad guys "smuggle electronics" to help pay for the infertility treatments him and his wife used to conceive twins. Clearly, he's a sucker that will sadly soon be killed. As is typical, Jack involves him in his plan, making him act as if nothing is wrong by meeting with the henchmen, but the guy can't keep a straight face. They can tell he's nervous. A few minutes later, a bad guy takes the cop away to "pay him" - i.e. shoot him. Jack, however, instead of writing the cop off as expendable, goes over and saves his life, despite Tony's pleas that it will risk their primary mission, which is tracking the bioweapon. Jack is becoming more human every hour. But maybe it's like Dr. House when he's on methadone - his compassion clouds his judgement.

-Jack was able to commandeer another vehicle tonight - a semi. Of course he knows how to drive it.

-Ethan to Olivia: "Running the country is not like running a campaign." If this episode hadn't been written a long time ago, I'd think that was a subtle dig at Obama. In any event, it's advice he should consider.

-Isn't it obvious that to people in the White House that Olivia is the press leaker? I mean, who else could it be that knows all this information? Maybe they'll figure it out next week.

-I thought Ethan and the President might make out when he was resigning, but then I figured the producers would not subject the viewing audience to that spectacle.


  1. I was only watching superficially while editing photos but I did notice that the president and that guy (who I guess is named Ethan) were awfully close. But it would have been inappropriate for them to kiss as her husband had just died a few hours ago so I figured he was just a "close talker."

  2. Oh, Henry's still alive and in the hospital, so it would have been even more inappropriate.

  3. Oh, I thought he had died long ago. (And by long, I mean 3 or 4 hours)

  4. Oh, no, I'm convinced that -- inappropriate or not -- there is something going on (or was) between Possibly Evil (I can't let go of that) Ethan and Mme. President.

    I'm also rooting for the Jon Voight character to be related to someone: the President, Jack. Maybe he's Chloe's Dad! (This would explain the odd and socially inappropriate "they have to eat their carrots" remark -- he's a brilliant socially unskilled being who chooses to use his talents for evil, and not for good.)