Lament on lack of internet

It is Saturday morning and I'm sitting in Craig's office's copy room. Yes, that is an odd place to be especially when we had 48 hrs ago we had too many plans for the weekend. We were going to go to my brothers, but he had forgotten about a wedding and so that fell through. We were okay with that because that meant we could now get together with the rest of our home group to do some work on a local boys home we have connections too. But then it rained and rained and rained and they decided digging ditches in the mud would not be practical so that fell through. Which was okay, because we still had lots of errands to run in anticipation of spring break week (well, Craig gets a whole week, I get two days). Craig was supposed to finish some stuff up on the computer Friday night and Saturday was going to be our errand day.

But Friday we had no internet. And today we have no internet. The pre-recorded message on the company's answering machine says it will be back by tonight at 7 but I am not holding my breath. So I am sitting in Craig's office's copy room while he finished up his stuff. Luckily, they have a random computer here so I am able to lament my life without internet...on the internet. I'm hoping it won't be too long before Craig is done and our errand running begins.

Since I only get next Thursday and Friday off, I have convinced Craig that he should spend part of his time off doing a project for me. Just one little thing on his "honey do" list - updating our nightstands. Yes, technically I could break that down into a number of items including filling the holes with wood putting, sanding, priming, painting and installing new hardware but it seems so much simpler when I leave it as update the nightstands. As soon as he is done where we will be off to home depot to buy supplies.

We also have to get ready for the fun part of spring break. We are going to visit Amanda and her husband, Brandon. I haven't seen them since their wedding over a year ago so I am super excited about the trip! It also doesn't hurt that they live in Florida, although right now the weather report doesn't look too great for next weekend. It doesn't matter too much as our plans are loose. We are normally mega trip planners, but we have been remarkable laid back about this one. Because she knows us so well, Amanda emailed a list of fun free things to do in town we will probably try to do a couple of those, hang out with them, hang out one the beach (perhaps hang out with them on the beach). The only thing we have really "planned" at all is one night camping on the beach. And by planned, we have reserved a camp site. That's it. It is so freeing.

Okay, I'm off to research what type of sand paper is best for our needs. Don't know when I will be back online, but I'm crossing my fingers it will be soon.

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