24, Season 7: 1-2 AM

As always, I'll give away plot developments in this post.

Wow, so that was quite the show, what with a certain character being killed by another certain character who has now gone from bad to good to bad this season. But is Tony working with the Starkwood people, or is something else going on? I guess Hodges said he was just a small part of the whole plot during his arrest. And he'll be on next week's show, so the Starkwood angle is probably not played out.

-In the previews last week for this episode, they really made it look like a missile was going to launch, based on the satellite video, but that image, we found out, was just the fuel exploding. I think that was a well-played use of the previews to sow seeds of confusion.

-Kim's return to the show was short-lived (and very soap-operaesque, with all the crying). I think Jack will end up getting the stem cell treatment, though. He'll probably make it through the season, then at the end he'll be shown going to the hospital. Plus, they can't bring her back only to use her for 5 minutes. I suspect she'll be involved in danger soon. Tony was especially interested to hear her name come up when it did. I sense a little foreshadowing there.

-Fox's environmental and global-warming PSAs are bad overall, but the one with Chloe was the worst one ever.

-For the 3rd time this season, I was wondering, after the missiles were destroyed, what they were going to do for the X hours left in the season. Everything looked all wrapped up. But the question was quickly answered this week.

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  1. So I think Tony must be in with the guy driving the tanker who did the "perimeter check" and ended up at gunpoint by Tony...assuming it was the same guy later with the canister. The white guy is Starkwood. So maybe Tony is still working for the people he was in with at the beginning?? But then is he a good guy trying to fit in with the bad guys OR just a bad guy?