24, Season 7: 2-3 AM

Well, that was a pretty bleak episode, which I will now spoil.

At the end of the show, we thought that Angelina Jolie's dad, the evil CEO, was dying, which would be bad only because he might have some useful information about continuing threats. Jack was also in bad shape, because Tony stole his anti-seizure medication. In addition, Larry is dead and the bad guy got through the perimeter (not a big surprise, though, because 24 perimeters always fail).

The preview for next week, however, indicates that the CEO (Hodges) survived the suicide pill, and that Jack will stop seizing. He will also get a chance to interrogate Hodges. Fun! I probably shouldn't watch previews, though. They give away a lot. It's like when I first started watching this series, on DVD. I had to avoid reading the backs of the boxes, because they reveal too much.

We also learned this week that Jack is a grandpa. He suddenly seems much less formidable and lethal. Grandpas aren't tough. Of course, the seizures don't help the toughness either.

We also heard Agent Walker request that someone notify Moss' ex-wife about his death, but that she shouldn't be the one to do it. Apparently Walker is a homewrecker.

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