Weekend update

How is that for a post title. Boring - that seems to be a theme in my life right now. I guess it is because it is spring or something, but lately I have been feeling project-y. I have so many things I want to do, crafts and baking and little odds and ends projects. Some I have posted about, some I will, and some I won't mostly because they were time sensitive and well, time has passed me by. But I don't have anything interesting to say about my day to day life. It's good, but the same. I go to work, come home and try to stay on top of the household chores and sneak is some fun projects, then go to bed - basically, I am boring.

But this past weekend was pretty fun so I thought I would give you brief overview of what went on:

Friday night I attended a baby shower. This was the first baby shower I have attended since I was twelve and went with my mom. Craig stayed at home having man's night filled with candy, soda and wrestling, sending me off with the warning to "not come home all baby-ey." Hahaha, fat chance Craig. You can't spend the evening talking about how great babies are without becoming "baby-ey." It was so much fun. The cuteness of the food and decorations, the guess the baby item through the paper bag game, the terrifying hilarious stories told by the moms in attendance. Since my friend is also an undercover hippie and is planning on cloth diapering, I was able to buy (and secretly inspect then repackage) my first cloth diaper. I have mentioned before, but I am all about cloth diapering (and by that I mean, I think there are a lot of good reasons to give it a try but I have no kids yet and can not be held responsible for the decisions I will make once I have them so you can't hold this pre-baby belief against me...end of disclaimer). But even I, cloth diaper lover that I am, was not prepared for the cuteness of something referred to as a fuzzi bunz.

This is what I ordered:
It was actually backordered so they sent a plain periwinkle instead, but it is probably a good thing since the plain one was already so adorable, if the diaper had arrived and had daisies on it, I would have died from the cuteness. And it was so soft. Anyway, moving on from diaper cuteness.

Saturday was the Round Top, TX semi-annual antique weekend. It's really a flea marker/outdoor boutique/antique fair hybrid that spans 4 or 5 towns. And it's amazing. We had borrowed a van from our super-generous home group leaders so we could actually buy stuff, unlike last year when I saw a bazillion reasonable priced things I loved, none of which would fit in our car. I had a very specific goal this time - a dresser. We went a little over our planned budget and spent $175 but I was planning on buying something that needed to be stripped and painted and this doesn't so in the end it was worth it and I think we got a great deal. I just love furniture that is real wood. MDF gives me the heebie-jeebies.

We got back fairly early in the day but after all that bargain hunting, I was exhausted. But we weren't done. Saturday night we headed just outside of town to visit a goat farm (ignore the why behind this story, I'll talk about that in a future post). I got to pet a little guy that was only a week old. The farmer brought him out of the barn for the first time in his life (that is the goat's life, the farmers has been outside a lot). He was so adorable with his baby frolicking and little baby bleets. I really am not trying to set a record for how many times one can use cute and/or adorable in a post, but I would be really good at it if I was. And if we had a yard, I am pretty sure I would be bugging Craig for a baby goat right now. We also got to see goat's being milked and Craig got to try some award winning ice cream. I will admit I cheated a bit on Lent and had a bite of his. But I didn't take my own cup even though I was offered one and there were about 30 delicious flavors to select from.

Sunday was Palm Sunday service and it was a little different. Apparently Baptists, or at least the Baptists at our church, don't really do the palms part of Palm Sunday which made me sad. But the sermon was good nonetheless and anyway, this year, we have decided to prepare for Easter every day during Holy Week. We normally spend a whole month getting ready for Christmas but no time at all preparing for Easter, that is wrong. If it goes well, I'll post about it later so next year I will be able to remember what I did. I can't be the only one who uses their blog as a memory tool, am I?


  1. As a born and bred Baptist (and now I am one by choice) I can confirm the no Palm Sunday thing. Although we did make them from paper in Sunday School sometimes. ;)

    Baptists (at least my brand) don't observe Lent, either. But I have enjoyed reading your Lent resolutions.

  2. I knew I was being a rebel with the Lent thing but I guess I just never considered the Palms to be a liturgical activity.

    It's funny - since I grew up attending mostly military chapels that were just "Protestant" I am fairly flexible in the type of services I like, but I am not always very good at understanding the differences between churches on a practical (vs theological) standpoint. We all just made it work when we had services together. For the most part,it was a good thing.