It was pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I consider myself a fairly good cook - except when it comes to omelets. I have never been able to make an omelet. I'll try and try but every time I mess it up so much that I "decide" to just turn it into scrambled eggs and call it a day. So I normally just have Craig make them, but it has always been a tad bit annoying that I couldn't do it. That is, until last night.

Earlier this week, I was watching the Food Network when Good Eats came on and I was treated to a delightful lesson by Alton Brown on the art of omelet making. So when our regular scheduled breakfast for dinner meal came up, I gave it a try. And I am happy to report, that with my newly learned skills and some help and encouragement from Craig, I successfully made my first omelet. I was so proud of myself!

If you too have struggle with omelet failure, check out these videos:


  1. I think I deserve more credit than Brown does.

  2. Maybe, but not everyone has access to you. And even if they do, I'm not sure I am willing to share you. Alton Brown - yes. Craig - no.

  3. Steven and I LOVEEEEE Good Eats. I think it's the most helpful cooking show out there.