Make Something Monday: Homemade face scrub

So it has been about a year and I still love the oil cleanse method for washing cleansing my face. A lot of people just use it once a week as a special treat, but I use it as my daily cleaner. It's great but I do find that every once in a while I need a stronger exfoliation method. So I made my own sugar scrub. About once a week, I just mix my normal amount of oil mix, about a teaspoon, in with about a teaspoon of sugar and there you go - instant sugar scrub. Just use it gently, don't grind it into your face. And for those non-ocm people, you could just use olive oil straight with sugar but castor oil is really cheap and does a nice job balancing the oil in your skin.

I do it a little at a time because I just haven't gotten around to making it as a batch, but you could easily mix it before hand and keep it in a small jar. I think I am going to try to find some tea tree oil to add in there, just to make sure it stays good for a while (tea tree has anti-microbial properties). And here is a fancier recipe if you wish to go all martha.

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