I think someone missed the point of Earth Day

Yesterday after work, we stopped by HEB to grab some bananas. Upon entering the store, we received a coupon for a free earth gift- a reusable grocery bag. At the checkout, the lady puts the bananas in a plastic bag and then hands us the reusable bag. Okay, I guess we will just use that bag at a later point in time.

That is normally the opposite of what happens when we bring reusable bags to the store. The baggers are so nice about taking and using them, too nice in fact. On big shopping days, we have more groceries than can reasonable fit into our few cloth bags. But that won't stop them from trying. Maybe they are worried we will be mad at them if they have to use a plastic bag, but they fill them over maximum capacity. I have even tried to tell them it is okay if they need to use plastic, I don't mind. To which they always "oh, no, it'll fit" and I end up leaving the store with items falling out all over the place.

But despite that odd little occurrence, I really do love cloth bags. They are easier to carry, won't break on you, hold more, and enable you to look down upon all the rest of you earth haters still using plastic bags....just kidding on that last one, I promise.


  1. Neal hates reusable bags because he bagged groceries in high school, and apparently most people who use them do get mad if the bagger doesn't try to stuff everything in there.

  2. I have to use the plastic bags because I have two very large dogs that I feed twice a day . . . 'nuff said!

  3. Rachel - That is why while I think it is funny they insist on packing them so full, I don't ever get upset that they do. I just figure they have been burned before.

    June - We still like to get plastic ones at Walgreens and CVS because we need a few for the cat. But we also use other bags, like newspaper bags from rainy days and old bread bags.