Input Request

I need to ask all of you for your input at whether I am too judgemental or not. More specifically, it is to see if my annoyance at something is unfounded or not. Earlier this week, I called a company to order some supplies at work. They had one of those phone things where it plays music until they pick up (I'm too out of touch to know what they are actually called, is it a ring back?) The song - All Summer Long by Kid Rock. And it was very loud. Now, I don't really think that song is a good choice for a professional business. It is quite embarrasing to be listening to someone singing about "smoking funny things" and "making love out by the lake" when your boss walks in and I do not appreciate that company putting me in that position. Do you think that is an appropriate song for a professional business to play? Am I being a little picky?

It could be that I was more annoyed because I happen to hate that song. Not so much the song but the fact that all of a sudden all these non-country people just decide to be country. Kid Rock - you are not a country music artist and I don't appreciate your songs being played on my nice country stations. (Oh, and please take a shower and wash your hair. I'm all about the no poo movement but you have taken it too far.) But this whole country cross-over has become an epidemic. I think Hootie and the Blowfish were perfectly fine back in the day, but what the heck is Darius Rucker doing in Nashville? So basically, I am not a fan of this genre mixing thing. At all. And if you as a business choose to promote it, I will take offense.


  1. I agree entirely with your first paragraph.

    I don't care about country cross-overs because I don't listen to country stations, but I imagine it would be annoying if I did.

  2. I was interviewing students for a tutoring job, and when I called a potential worker and got x-rated rap music for the ring, I crossed him right off the list. So yes, innappropriate. And, I HATE that song you mentioned!

  3. no you're not judgmental or over-reacting. Phone lines should stick to oldies as their most exciting form of "ring-back" if elevator music just isn't enough for them.