WFMW: Swagbucks

Maybe you haven't even heard of swagbucks. Or maybe you have heard of them but didn't sign up because you were skeptical, or busy and thought you would do it later and never did. If any of those cases describes you, you really should remedy that. Swagbucks are awesome!

Basically, it is a search engine that gives you points, called Swagbucks, every few searches. It isn't regular, sometimes it is after two or three searches and you win two swagbucks, sometimes it takes ten searches for one. You can also earn them in a few other ways, but searching gets you the majority of your points. They make it pretty easy to get your free account and you can even add the search engine to your search toolbar to make it easy to remember to use it and not google. And the results are compiled from google and yahoo search results so you don't have to worry about not getting good results.

Okay, so you have these bucks. Now what? That is the fun part, you turn in those Swagbucks for giftcard or prizes. In the last three weeks I have earned enough Swagbucks for a $5 gift card from Amazon.com but I am holding out for a Target gift card. (I heart tar-jay). Unless of course I get a craving for a new book and go with Barnes and Noble gift card instead.There is even a starbucks card for those caffeine addicts that have given up fancy coffee due to the hard economic times. Basically, lots of good options. And you are already going to be searching for stuff, so why not earn things while you are at it.

So now that I have convinced you do try it, you might be wondering how? Well, just go here and get an account (or click on the button to the right). Now, I'm gonna be honest and tell you that if you follow that link or button and sign up, I get referral points. So please follow it and don't just search for swagbucks.com, that would be sad :-(

But I really wouldn't be saying to do it, if I didn't think it was worth it. I do it myself and like it. And I've already gotten my mom to sign up and I wouldn't just trick my mom into doing something for selfish reasons. What have you got to lose? (Oh, and I haven't gotten any spam from them so you probably won't either). My only regret is that I heard about it once and didn't do it. Now that I am doing it, I keep thinking of all those points I lost. And I hate losing out on free stuff. So Swagbucks work for me.

I have to admit this even though it is embarrassing but I wrote this post over a week ago and thought I posted it, but I hadn't. And last weekend I checked my swagbucks account to see if anyone had signed up and I was really disappointed that no one had. But then last night I was telling Craig that he needed to sign up for his own account instead of just using mine and he asked for my referral information. I told him just to get it from my blog post from last week and he looked at me like I was crazy "What post?" It was a definite "Duh!" moment.


  1. Glad to meet you my fellow Republican Americans!
    Love the blog!

    I haven't tried out this Swagbucks you speak of....but certainly may check it out now.

  2. Well, I am trying to use swagbucks. I do feel like I've won a contest when I get a buck or two, but it's not really as good as pure Google. The image search especially is terrible. But I think I'll keep using it for basic, easy searches, because free stuff is fun.

  3. Yeah, I don't use it for image or maps or fancy things. But isn't it such a thrill to win?!

  4. Oh, and when you sign up through me, I can see you as a "friend" by first name and last initial. I was definitely looking at that list for 2-3 minutes thinking, Rachel D? Who is Rachel D?

    Oh yeah, you got married!