Someone Should Walk the Plank

I subscribed to a Reuters daily e-mail news summary, so I get to read things like this now:
The capture of the Greek-owned MV Irene E.M. and Togo-flagged MV Sea Horse were a clear sign pirate gangs have not been deterred by two raids in recent days in which U.S. and French special forces have killed five pirates.
Note that the pirates did not capture French or US ships. They attacked Greek and Togoan(?) ships. I would say that the pirates have indeed been deterred from attacking ships from certain countries. (I will concede that pirates shot at an American ship a few times yesterday, after Navy Seals sniped 3 pirates on Sunday. However, this looks to me like a desperate attempt to sink or damage a ship in retaliation. The pirates apparently did not try to board the ship.)

Pirates are after one thing: money. If certain nations pay for hostages, pirates will target their ships. If other nations fight back, pirates will avoid their ships. For Reuters to not consider this strikes me as amateurish.

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