24, Season 7: 12-1 AM

Hey, sports fans. It looks like the stage has been set for Jack's daughter, Kim, to return. Apparently, some kind of stem-cell treatment can be used to cure weaponized mad cow. But the stem cells must come from a relative. So they must be using adult, rather than embryonic, stem cells. Yay, no ethical dilemma! This all sounds like a stretch to me, but I'll be happy to see Kim back. Is she still with the agent who's arm Jack hacked off? Or is she living in the woods near LA with that creepy dude? We'll find out, although it will be a few hours, since Jack doesn't want to call her. Walker will change his mind.

-I do hope that Hodges, head of Starkwood, gets the Jack Bauer treatment at some point this season.

-It's not clear to me why the prez had to call off the air strike. Were the supposedly armed missiles far enough away from the bombing target to survive the air strike? Or was Hodges just bluffing?

-Next week we are told that we will have "the episode that will stop the clock." What does that mean?

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