NOOOOOooooo, It's Fall!

That was my response to Craig when he looked out the window and casually and cheerfully said "Oh look, it's snowing." Then there was a crack as my heart broke and all my hopes and dreams for an upcoming month of jean jackets and walks through the golden red woods were dashed and replaced by the thoughts of slush and gray gloom infiltrating the valley, forcing me to wear a bulky coat that covers all my cute sweaters. Oh, it is a sad day indeed.


  1. MacKenzie, it stopped snowing after 5 minutes, and it's going to be 70 degrees on Tuesday. Take a chill pill:)

  2. I agree... I hate fall in Utah. /sigh

  3. I thought it was supposed to snow in the fall?

  4. You'll learn all about Utah's quirky weather when you're here a little longer.

    There are sunny days still to be had. Trust me.

    Oh, and you can be in the sun and barbecuing in May and it will snow two days later.

    Trust me on that, too.

  5. i LOVE fall in Utah.

    i HATE winter in Utah.

    we'll still have lots of sunny days and those wonderful crack-the-window nights...but the snow can STAY AWAY.