Any guesses...

...as to what this injury is and how I got it?


Rachel said...

1. Mutant-cat scratch

2. Incident with a spiral-notebook-gone-wrong

3. Burned by one of those gravy-stirring forks

MacKenzie said...

Rachel - Very creative guesses, but no.

I will schedule the answer to post later today...why the need to schedule it? Oh yeah, I'll be on my way to florida! (Can you tell that I am just a tad excited?!?)

kristen t. said...

Hi, it's Kristen from Louisville! It was so nice to meet you over the holidays.
I can't resist guessing:

a) a burn from a crimping iron
b) an abrasion from one of those crazy Pampered Chef contraptions that cut vegetables into wavy shapes
c) an incident involving either A) an avocado slicer or B) an egg slicer...it's a toss-up