Bad Hair Career

Senator Byron Dorgan, Democrat from my home state of North Dakota, is known for bad hair. Rush Limbaugh affectionately refers to him as "Helmethead." Here's a pic:

It really doesn't look too bad there. But his hair has gained attention recently. Here's a clip from Jay Leno, via Say Anything:

And here's a list of the eight worst hair trends on Capitol Hill. Dorgan is listed under the "Dead Animal Hair" trend, but Say Anything disputes the idea that he sports a toupee. I don't know either way. What do you think?

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  1. here at my house, we call that the "hairmet." lots of people suffer from the hairmet. it's very sad. the only cure seems to be a barber who is REAL and HONEST with their clients.

    turns out these are the same stylists who continue to let men wear the mullet. i could write an entire blog post on stylists and their obligation to society to quit cutting mullets and hairmets. maybe i will someday...