I always have so many crafty projects and things I want to work on, but never get around to finishing. It used to frustrate me a lot but I am trying let the perfectionist in me let go of it. So right now I am concentrating on just two things.

1) The stained glass project that I just started. This one is easy because I am taking the class and that gives me two hours a week to work on it, but I won't finish it in class if I don't work on it at home too and I know if I don't finish it before the class ends, I will probably never.

2) Craig's T-shirt quilt. I love t-shirt quilts and this will be the third one I have made so in theory it shouldn't be hard. I just have to get past the cutting out stuff stage. I don't like that stage so it is always hard for me to initially get started with a quilt but once I do, it goes quick.

So those are my projects and I was planning on working on them tonight because Craig has his monthly men's book club. But the leader is sick so it is postponed. And I just can't work on it when he is there because I am left with the choice of:

a) snuggle up on the couch with Craig and a blanket and read a book in the nice and toasty living room.
b) leave Craig and go down into the cold basement where it is dark and yucky.

So of course I always choose "a" and never get anything done. I just need to keep thinking to myself that the blanket I am cuddled up in is a t-shirt quilt and poor Craig will never have the joy of being wrapped in the memories of his quilt unless I finish it!

I realize this post was not so interesting but I need to have some accountability. So tomorrow I will let you know if I succeeding in accomplishing anything.

PS: You may have noticed that I have stopped posting words but that is not because I have forgotten. No, it is because the rest of that list is stupid and full of words like mitosis and metamorphosis and hypotenuse. Boring!

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