WFMW - cheating edition

I'm being lazy today and not giving you a real post. Mostly because I have big band-aids on the tips of two of my fingers and it makes typing tough. So instead of doing a WFMW, I am just linking to my favorite three:

1. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. Too bad I have no t-shirts around right now to try it out but tonight, I will be practicing.

2. I love coming home to an already prepared meal with the smell wafting out of the kitchen, but I don't have many Crockpot recipes. Maybe this will help.

3. I already read this blog, it can be really funny. But this is mostly for Craig. Anytime anything happens to me, he just says "use hydrogen peroxide." It's not Windex but maybe I could benefit more that I wanted to admit.


  1. Pepto is another remedy I commonly recommend.

  2. band aids? did i miss something?

    on our old blog, i did recipes in the side bar. the new one doesn't have a spot for me to post them...yet.

    i have a good potato soup recipe to share with you...i'll email it to you.

  3. oh, I just cut my fingers on some wire at work. It's like a huge paper cut. It's not a big deal but it hurts sooo much. I'm not sure if the band-aids are necessary, but I use them to invoke sympathy..."Craig, don't you want to do the dishes, my band-aids will fall if I do."