Raise a Pint

I didn't realize that they use miles per hour, pints, and other such measurements (well, I knew they used pints for beer, but I thought that was an exception). I suppose I should have known, since they're called English measurements.

I bring this up because the EU just gave up on its fight to force Great Britain to go all metric, all the time.
The threat to Britain's imperial measures is to be lifted today after a climbdown by the European commission.
The plans to switch over to metric and abandon imperial measures became a cause celebre for Eurosceptics, unhappy about Brussels's intrusion into British life.
Since 1995, goods sold in Europe have had to display metric weights and measurements, but to appease the public outcry in the UK, imperial indications have also been allowed.
Yeah, if I was European, I would rail against the EU at every opportunity. You people would get sick of hearing about it. Luckily, I'm American. I would not be interested in turning my country's sovereignty over to a largely unaccountable body of bureaucrats. Especially since the priorities of European bureaucrats include gutting militaries, implementing ridiculous labor laws, suppressing free speech, and battling global warming.

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