Sci-Fi Politics

I generally think of myself as a Star Trek guy, but I may have to change my tune, because apparently Star Trek is liberal, and Star Wars is conservative.

An excerpt from the above link:
In Star Trek, the Federation appears to exercise significant power and control over interplanetary issues and commerce. Its governmental agencies are usually seen as benign. In Star Wars, everyone in the earlier time period (comprising “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones”) complains that the Galactic Republic is sinking into a morass of bureaucracy and corruption. The risk that these problems will give rise to a tyrannical dictator is explicit discussed, and reminds one of a number of cogent explanations for the rise of centralized, oppressive government in various real-world countries over the past two centuries.
I found this at NRO.


  1. I mainly can't believe that Kirk doesn't have 2 billion alien STD'S by now...

  2. Great... Now I have to play Star Trek Trivial Persuit instead of Star Wars. And the Star Trek Legos video game would be EXTRA lame!
    Although when The Phantom Menace first came out, I heard many a person talk about how the birth of young Skywalker was analagous to the birth of Jesus. Didn't buy it then and don't buy it now.
    My guess... Lucas pulled the story together from a whole boatload of other stories and made a yaught load full of money.
    Both Lucas and Roddenbery funnel their view of the world and governments into their shows and we ate it up like cheesecake, making them both assloads of money.
    Good times and good article.

  3. Loralee - funny! But maybe he DOES...

  4. Interesting. I'm not a super fan of either. Mostly a LOTR girl.