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It's time once again for the Capitol One Mascot of the Year competition. Goldy Gopher, my FAVORITE mascot, is back in the running, after competing in 2004. You can play a role in helping Goldy's quest for the glory. Go here and vote every single day from now until pretty much the end of the year. There are weekly matchups leading up to the "playoffs." This week, Goldy takes on Hairy Dawg from Georgia, and he is currently leading.

As an added bonus for you Utahns, Cosmo from BYU is also competing, so you can vote for/against him, depending on your preference.

Goldy appreciates your support. More info here.

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  1. I voted...and since you will no doubt remind me, I will probably vote everyday.

    FYI: When you vote they ask you for a nickname but don't let that deter you, all you have to do is enter it twice, they don't want any other information like you name or email so it isn't a pain at all.