The Fight Against Hooters

I didn't have Bryan, Texas (twin city to College Station, home of Texas A&M) pegged as an anti-Hooters kind of town. But apparently there's a big fight going on over whether one should open up there. Some administrative judge will decide whether the restaurant can get a liquor license. If not, it won't even be built.

Maybe I should back up a bit. Judging by a couple articles I found, Bryan isn't an anti-Hooters town. It just has a small, vocal, anti-Hooters element:
Several Bryan residents are expected to show up at Tuesday's City Council meeting to protest an incoming restaurant that they say will exploit women and encourage excessive drinking.
And this:
TABC Sgt. Mitch Dill said Wednesday that the commission received 16 letters of protest and a petition that was signed by about 15 people.
I guess every town has a few people like this. Although these few could easily solve their problems by simply not going to the restaurant, they instead have to tell the rest of the town what's good for them. Now, if we were talking about a new strip club, I could maybe sympathize with them, although I'd still probably oppose them. But to get worked up over this is just plain ridiculous.

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