Don't worry. I'm okay.

As you all know, last night was Tuesday night. Ever since I was in high school, Tuesday nights have been a special night, full of relaxation and calm and peace and love. Tuesday night was "me" night. Because Tuesday nights were Gilmore Girls nights, and somehow they always ended up being special, in an ordinary routine happiness way. In high school I watched it with my mom, we watched the show together every week, with my little brother popping in to say things like "eww, that girly show" or my older brother commenting on how he couldn't understand what they were saying as they were talking way to fast to be realistic. But brothers didn't matter then, it was a happy time (Tuesday nights, not high school in general).

Then I went to college and spent Tuesday nights breathing because I was a freshman and a tad overwhelmed. G.G. meant there was a at least one hour during the week that I didn't spend studying or in class. I'm not even really being sarcastic, I was so afraid I was going to fail all my classes my first year. And those who know me well will probably say that I wasn't much different as a senior but that is only half true.

Then Craig came along and luckily, he tolerated watching Gilmore Girls with me long enough to learn to like it. And I tolerated Law and Order: SVU long enough to like it. (And although I like SVU now, I will say watching a show about sex crimes with your new boyfriend can led to some awfully awkward moments.) He even proposed using a lovely Gilmore Girls reference...that I didn't quite get but still, that shows how he knows how much I loved that show. So last spring when I watched the last episode, I was a little upset. But I am used to having summers without it so I dealt.

Last night though was the first "new tv tuesday" without Gilmore girls. Luckily, House was good. I missed the side characters and wasn't too fond of the whoever decided to get all artsy with the camera at times but it was a good episode, I didn't predict the outcome by the 30 minute mark and I actually liked Wilson. Overall, House = good. A trend I hope continues cause I was losing that loving feeling last season. And SVU was pretty good too, lots of twists and turns in the plot as to be expected. No babies died which is also good because those episodes make me all emotional and I didn't need any help with that.

I'm sure my Tuesday nights will soon feel complete without Gilmore Girls, but part of me will always hold on to it. I think I loved it so much because Rory and I were the same age and especially at the beginning, very similar in character and nerdiness. I was just secretly wishing that I was a "cool smart" like her. But we did age together. Her first year at a new school, where she felt like a foreigner, I was getting ready to move to a new country. Her first year of college was my first year of college. Until the last episode. I had just gotten married and was watching it with my husband while Rory was deciding that she was too young to be married and settled down, she needed to get a job and live life and not be tied down. So we made different decisions and went our separate ways. I just hope she is as happy as I am now.

PS - I do realize that she isn't a real person but that isn't really the point. If you think it is, just go watch CSPAN or read a book.


  1. Hey, I miss the GG too, and I remember Ben calling it "that slutty girl show" which, you must admit, by the end of the show . . . well . . . they were!

    And before that there was the Ballykissangel series. Sigh. Most series like these are doomed to eventual failure because they end up having the characters do weird things to keep their audience.

  2. sigh me too! I felt the exact same way about gilmore girls :) i could escape for just an hour to a happy place! Now my tuesday nights are spend in figure drawing class... awkwardly drawing naked people....not quite so relaxing :( there is still House though, that I have to tape, but its just not the same! Im glad to know im not the only one that loved gilmore girls in that way :)

  3. Man, I've never watched GG. I think I was protesting that when it came out everyone was calling me "Lorelie".

    I did recently watch one episode and it was really funny, so I may have to start watching it.

  4. You'll be happy to know that I recently took up watching Gilmore Girls and I LOVE it!! It shows on ABC family channel every day and it's all in order. I have my DVR tape it every day, and I watch them on the weekends. Yay Gilmore Girls!