Hit the Ice

As summer turns to fall, it's time to resume a time-honored sport. No, not football. Curling! Yes, it's time to put on the slider, grab your broom, and throw some stones. We began the season on Monday night with a public clinic. I didn't seem to be rusty after taking the summer off, and the ice was actually quite smooth. I'm sure that will change as the high school hockey season starts up. There were a ridiculous amount of people there Monday, many of whom are taking the USU curling PE class. One may say that a high turnout is good, but not if there are more people than the rinks can hold (5 rinks x 8 people per rink = 40 person capacity). But I think things will work out.


  1. I will freely admit that a curling PE class sounds pretty sweet.

  2. I love that you love curling! I only wish that Texas had some options in the curling category.