Do the happy dance!

I think it has finally happened...I may be in a good mood again. This weekend was three days long and I think that means it was supposed to be great but alas, it was not. Let's just say it started with a spontaneous decision to highlight my hair, which was going great until I forgot to add one of the three packets until after Craig had applied the goo to half of my head. And it ended with my sweetly saying "How much farther?" during the drive home from our backpacking/camping trip while inside my head I was screaming "Can you PLEASE drive faster, I haven't gone to the bathroom in almost 24 hours and if we don't get there pretty soon, someone will die!!!" (And in the middle, there was a nap when there was supposed to be a potluck at the bosses house...at least he is nice and understood that I really didn't feel good)

And even Tuesday with it's new episode of Big Brother (yes, I am addicted; yes, I know it's pathetic) and pot roast dinner couldn't cheer me up. You know what they say; "Plum puffs Pot Roast won't minister to a mind diseased in a world that's crumbled into pieces." But do you know what can minister to a mind, even one diseased in a world that's crumbled into pieces? A new digital SLR. Yes, we won the auction last night on eBay and I am soon going to be in the possession of a not-quite-new Nikon. WHOOP! I am sooo excited.

But that isn't it. We are having a couple over for dinner tonight and I am excited about that too. We love to entertain and are finally living someplace where we really can which is great. We are either being brave or reckless by using recipes we have never tried before. But can you really go wrong with this and corn, bought yesterday at the gardeners market, grilled on the patio? I don't think so. My mouth is watering already. The fun begins in 5 hours. Double Whoop.


  1. craig does your hair???

    i like him even more now! LOL.

    you never said if your failure to add one of the three packets resulted in complete disaster. i want photographic evidence of some sort.

  2. The hair drama ended okay. I had Craig add the last thing and put it on the undone half then go back over the already done half and I think that part was fine. But the whole thing freaked me out so much that I rinsed it off a little soon so it's a little more gold than I would have liked. Oh, well, it's just hair, it will grow.