We're Back!

Okay, so you probably didn't know we were gone, but we were. For the last 4 days we have been babysitting, or more precisely, teen-sitting. A couple from our church went out of town for a few days so we spent the nights and their house and kept an eye on their kids, age 13 and 15. They are pretty good kids and overall we had a good time. Craig enjoyed the X-box access and I always enjoy an excuse to watch Disney movies. Although they didn't play High School Musical at all, I know, I kept an eye on the Disney Channel. I have heard good things about that movie from quite a few "adults" and wouldn't have minded watching it. Maybe next time.

We did have to lay down the law a few times but I think Craig and I did well. He made sure the 15 year old was alive and in the car by 7:15am. Not a small feat. And I insisted that the 13 year old eat her veggies with this statement, "No, I am not going to make you eat your tater tots, but you do have to eat at least half of the corn on your plate before you can watch Zach and Cody, even if it is a brand new episode that they will never show again and you will forever wonder who got the best part in the school play." And she did. Wow, are we going to be great parents or what?! But I have to say, while I had a good time, I am still pretty sure that if people gave birth to teenagers, the world would be seriously underpopulated.

We also had fun with their pets. Especially their new kitten which was quite a smuggler snuggler. In fact, I came downstairs the first night to see Craig on the couch reading a book with a kitten purring on he chest, it was a very sweet moment that gives me proof he is lying when he says he doesn't like cats because they are girly. I really wish I had my camera so I could show you all but I felt like it would be dangerous to take it over there with the two teenagers, three cats, and two dogs. But today I am going to be a picture taking fool. I will try to limit my posting to relevant pictures. No guarantees though.


  1. I like that you consider tater tots a vegetable :) I made the chicken packets last night for my future in-laws and they were a huge hit! Thanks for the recipie!

  2. So what exactly did the kitten smuggle into the house . . . catnip? :) Never can resist a typo!

  3. Out of curiosity, what congregation do you belong to? I only ask because I do the interfaith Christmas concert every year and wonder if y'all participate. :)

  4. mackenzie! HSM and HSM2 were on the disney channel tonight back to back!!

  5. So THAT is what prompted the dreaded exclamation from Christopher about HSM. UG. I.am.not. looking forward to it.

  6. Amanda - Dinner for the in-laws, Wow! I'm glad they worked out.

    Loralee - We might be, I'll email you.

    Jess - That is just my luck. I don't have Disney channel because we have the cheapest cable available. Why didn't they show it Saturday when I could have watched it!

    Loralee, again - Who knows, you might like it!