Another weekend o'free stuff

I think it is fairly widely known that we like free stuff. This weekend we got lots of it. It started on Friday evening when we used two free Quizno's sandwich coupons to snag us a dinner for about a buck (we splurged on a bag of chips). We then hung out with old friend M.B. and her husband who came in from Dallas and played a little Rock Band until 1 in the morning. It was so much fun just to hang out and catch up on life although I can't even remember the last time I was out and about at 1 am.

Saturday morning we had another set of coupons for free breakfast at Chick-fil-a, one of which was going to expire that day. As much as I love Chick-fil-a, (and I really do love it, I think Chick-fil-a was one thing I missed most while in Utah) I never want to get up early on the weekend just to go eat but we had things to do anyway so it was worth it.

Since the Chick-fil-a is right next to Kohl's, we headed in there to use up a $5-off coupon that was also expiring that day. We had been waiting and hoping suits would go on sale but no luck so we went ahead and used it on more cloth napkins. We have recently switched to cloth all the time and the more you have, the easier it is. Most Kohl's coupons have no minimum spending requirement which makes them great. So a set of napkins and a kitchen towel only cost us $1.

We then headed out to our real activity for the day, the home and garden show. This did cost us money and unfortunately, I didn't think about them not taking cards so we had to drive around until we found someplace that did so we could get some cash. It only took us about 10 extra minutes and a jaunt through a sketchy neighborhood to make that happen but we survived. It might not be everyone idea of a fun Saturday morning, but I thoroughly enjoyed looking at tile and flooring options. Craig didn't seem as into it but he tried to have fun and I think the free candy and pens helped him maintain a good attitude. We also got a bunch of free tote bags which we had been needing. I now have a bag for Craig's softball paraphernalia, one for my knitting supplies and three more to use for grocery bags. The coolest stuff came from the recycling center - they gave out tote/grocery bags that fold up into a little wallet size package and color changing pencils. We now have 4 grocery bags but that is probably going to be too many. We have been using the one we have for a while and I actually like it better than plastic, it holds more, is easier to carry and never rips, but we need plastic bags at our house for cat purposes and for some crafting stuff I have been working on. But once we have a little stockpile we can switch to the totes until we run out again.

Saturday afternoon we hung out with our friends again. We tried to think of fun things to do but couldn't think of anything so we walked around the mall then hung out again until midnight. Between us all and our Lent "give-ups" we couldn't eat sweets, get fast food or watch TV so we had really limited our entertainment options but luckily we are all chatty people and good enough friends that talking for 6 hours comes easily. Then another friend came over on her way back from Dallas and announced that she had been given new lamps and did anyone want her old ones? Even though I hadn't been to her apartment since the last time I lived here (2+ years ago), I still remembered her lamps because I really liked them, so I jumped on the chance. It's so nice to have generous friends, especially those with the same pottery barn-style tastes as you have. Today, I am just cleaning and grocery shopping so I have no plans for more free things, but you never know. It is obviously my lucky weekend.

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  1. You should have gone to 24 hour fitness (they have a free one week coupon) and worked off all that free fast food.