20 Burgers for $2

UPDATE: Now it's only 8 burgers for $2. You can no longer combine these two deals. But the $25 GEICO gift card is by itself worth using.

No, seriously, we did it. Here's how you do it:
  1. Go register at the GEICO homepage (link is at top right). You don't have to buy insurance or anything. When you get the resulting e-mail (in a few hours), log in, then close the window you just opened. Go back to your e-mail and click the link again, and it should take you to a page with a $25 Omaha Steaks gift card. There should be a long gift card number. Leave that page open.
  2. Go here and enter your e-mail address. When you get an e-mail from them, click the link to begin shopping.
  3. Over on the left, click on "Burgers, Brats..." You can select anything, but for this deal, select "8 5-oz. steak burgers for $12.99." For $2 more, you can get 12 4-oz. burgers. Add to cart, then checkout. 12 free burgers should be added to your order. Click checkout.
  4. Put in your address.
  5. On the next screen, enter the gift code from the GEICO e-mail in the proper box. Your bill should be down to $1.98 (or $3.98, if you went that route). Go ahead and pay, and you're done. Enjoy.
H/T Catherine.


  1. And it isn't as confusing as it sounds, it is just hard to convey.

    Especially step 1, you only need to log in and get to the gift card page but once you follow the link and log in, it takes you back to the main page so you have to go back to the link to take you to that specific offer.

    Anyway, again, not as confusing as it sounds. Try it.

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw the title of this post was that time on the Simpsons when Comic Book Guy used a wheelbarrow to take home the results of a 100 Tacos for 100 Dollars special.