Oh,no, they didn't!

After I mentioned the tomatoes in the last post, it got me thinking about what else they might have added so I took a look at the cans when I started the spaghetti sauce and sure enough, in comparing the plain cans to the Italian herb blend cans, they added oregano, basil and garlic. They also added sugar...to my tomatoes! A fifteen ounce can of herbed tomatoes has 14 more grams of sugar than a plain can. 14 grams! I am shocked and appalled. I was already planning on trying the recipe without sugar but I definitely left it out once I read that and I will not be buying any more flavored tomatoes. It does serve as a good reminder to never assume things and always check the labels!


  1. i use brown sugar in my spaghetti sauce... it makes a big difference.

  2. oooh, that sounds good. I'll try that next time.