A Love Letter

My dearest October,

Did you know that I love you, well it's true. I like other months, but you are my favorite. I am fickle so that may change, but for now, I think you are lovely.

I can tell you and the cool crisp air are in a struggle with the warm weather but you are able to fight it off until after I am already at work and I am grateful. You are getting stronger and in a few weeks, you will be strong enough to keep me cool all day long. Perhaps I will even be able to wear a jacket, okay, maybe not a jacket, but a light sweater is a definitely possibility. Just keep persevering.

Oh October, your coming also mean that I can put out fall decorations like my big bowl of pine cones. Craig might get mad at you because that means he has to search through the closet to find the pine cones but remember, I still love you.

I can also start making fall food like pumpkin cookies and warm oatmeal and big bowls of soup. And I have so many plans for you - picking pumpkins and going to huge antique fairs and maybe even a Renaissance festival.

Yes, October, you and me are going to have some fun times.


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