In honor of Amanda

I love funny things. Not kinda funny things or things that make you smile, but really funny things that make you start coughing because you are looking at them at work and it would be for you to be laughing the way you really want to so you try to hide it and end up choking yourself.

I also loves cakes. Amanda has been showcasing her new found cake decorating skills on her blog and apparently seeing those, along with watching too many episodes of Ace of Cakes, has jaded me. For some reason I had come to the conclusion that cake decorating must be easy. I guess that just shows their skills because after you view this site, you will see that it is obviously very very difficult, or else...well, my mother always said, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. So I won't.

Except to remind you that if you are at work, you might end in a coughing fit.


  1. Yeah, you should also warn people not to view that site while drinking a cup of coffee!

  2. haha!! I love the football helmet with the guys face in it! You just know the person thought it'd be such a cool idea, until the neighbor came by and pointed out it looked like his head was on a platter! I saw a giant cookie decorated with something like "welcome to Texas you'all"

  3. With quite a few, I think I can kinda see how someone might think it was a good idea, it just turned out poorly, or then didn't think of all the implication (such as cutting into and eating the twin towers). But I think my favorites are the ones in the literal lol catagory.